Father's Day Weekend
Saturday, June 14, 2014 8:00 AM
Beverly Shores, Indiana

Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014 ABSR Necktie 5K Walk & Run.  
The race was a great success!  

This event would not have been possible without the support and assistance of our
sponsors and friends.  Special thanks to:

Necktie Level Sponsors:
Anytime Fitness, Michigan City- Kevin Scott          
Bartlett's Bar & Gourmet Grill, Beverly Shores - Nicole Bissonnette & Gary Sanders
Butch McGuires, Chicago - Bobby & Rachel McGuire
Donna Hofmann, Coldwell Banker

Dunes Walk Inn - Ari Killian

Jannsen's Dunes Mart, Beverly Shores - John & Beth Jannsen
Hospice of the Calumet Area - Adrianne May
Midwest Neuromonitoring - Terry McKenna
Nordstrom Psychological Services - Craig & Carol Nordstrom
Porter Regional Hospital - Kelly Credit
Rittenhouse Senior Living of Valparaiso - Heather Kelly
Rolling Stone Baker, Beverly Shores - Jim Chaddock & Andrea
Shaklee - Lagoni Health Associates, Beverly Shores - Barb & Hans Lagoni
Standard Bank & Trust, Chesterton - John Blackburn
Steinberg Skating Rink, St Louis - Anne Kasal & Jeff Kasal
Tech Kitchen & Bath, Chesterton - Bob Wielgorecki
www.GoodBuildings.com - Chris Talsma

Bowtie Sponsors:
ABSR Program Committee                  ABSR Board Members
Tech Kicthen & Bath - Truck                 Walmart - Water
Carol Nordstrom - Cookies                  Porter Health - Ambulance
Angela Maurello - Sandwiches            Anne Kasal & Jeff Kasal - Gatorade
Joey Grisham - T-Shirt Design            St Ann of the Dunes Parish - Parking
Weinberg Family - Tents                       Arturas Rosenbacher - Photography
Troybuilt Fitness - Official Trainer        Jewel Osco - Fruit
Jim Chadock - Entertainment               Strack & Van Til - Fruit
Race Day Volunteers                    
Geof Benson - Master of Ceremonies       
Suze Nichols - Yoga                      

Congratulations to our overall winners:

Samuel Voelz                                        Karen Nagel
Male Overall Winner                              Female Overall Winner
New Palestine, IN                                  Valparaiso, IN
17:26                                                        20:06

David & Nicole Hartford                      Steve & Parker DePalma
Father \ Daughter Team                       Father \ Son Team
hesterton, IN                                        Michigan City, IN
1:56                                                        21:01

Click below for a full list of results from the 201
4 Necktie 5K Walk & Run:




We have 100s of photos from this year's race
.  There may even have a picture of
you crossing the finish line!  

Click below to view photos of
this year's race:

NWIndiana Life Photos - 2014 Necktie 5K

Facebook Photos  - 2014 Necktie 5K

Association of Beverly Shores Residents (ABSR)

The Association of Beverly Shores Residents (ABSR) is a volunteer organization.  
Our mission is to promote the well being of the community, give voice to the
concerns of its residents, and foster community spirit; to keep residents informed
on matters of interest and concern to the Town of Beverly Shores and to
disseminate information and take appropriate actions pertaining to those issues.  
The ABSR does this through monthly newsletters, children's activities, community
social events, promoting environmental awareness, beautification projects, etc.

The Necktie 5K is organized by the Program Committee of the ABSR.  
Visit the ABSR website (
www.absr.org) for more information on
ABSR events and ways you can get involved.

Happy Father's Day!!
About the Run
Necktie 5K Walk & Run
Beverly Shores, Indiana         Father's Day Weekend       Saturday, June 20, 2015, 8:00 AM
Photo by Arturas Rosenbacher
2014 Necktie Run
Official Trainer:

Troy Ford
Troybuilt Fitness for Life
Thanks to our 2014 Sponsors:


Anne Kasal & Jeff Kasal